Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Favourite Essie Polishes

 I think we all know at this stage that I am a massive Essie fan. I struggle to go a month without including one in my favourites and I can not seem to pass an Essie stand without picking one up. It is a real addiction! But in my opinion they are one of the best polishes you can get - both high-end and low-end. I love the formula, for me it is really long-lasting and goes opaque in pretty much one coat! The colours are all beautiful and I love that they release limited edition colours for the different seasons which just gives me lots more options! I thought I would share with you some of my all time favourite shades that I tend to reach for the most!

Penny Talk
Arguably my all time favourite Essie polish. I bought this when I was in London last year and I got so excited when I spotted it. We all know how I feel about rose gold and this is a ROSE GOLD NAIL POLISH! Can it get any more perfect? It is the best rose gold polish I have found, and I have tried quite a few. It leaves a lovely metallic sheen to the nails that isn't too grainy or looks too harsh.
This is the latest addition to my Essie family. This kind of colour is always one I reach for all year around- no matter what the weather. I think the dark red just looks amazing on short manicured nails all year round. I think this is one of my staple colours that I will always need in my collection.

 Angora Cardi
Another one of my latest additions to my collection and one I have been lusting after for years. I would describe this  as a dusty rose colour. It is a perfect Autumnal shade in my opinion and I have got so much wear out of it already this year. Plus how cute is the name?!

Another one of my all time favourites is Watermelon. I think the name is a perfect description of this shade which is a very hot pink colour. I love wearing these kinds of shades on my toes in particular.

Cute as a Button
I picked this up during the Summer and I wore it so much that I have a line where the polish starts which never normally happens! I would describe this colour a pinky-peach, it brightens up any look- considering I wear a lot of black this is something I need!

A cult favourite is this little baby pink beauty. I think everyone and their dog has tried Fiji but its popularity is completely justified. Another colour that is completely unique in my collection. An almost white polish with the smallest hint of pink to it. Perfect for the Summertime, and looks amazing with a tan- and almost enhances it! You do need 2-3 layers to get that white-pink look!

Absolutely Shore
This was a purchase inspired by the beautiful Jess! Mint Candy Apple of course is a cult favourite but it was just a little too green for my liking and then I spotted this on Jess and I knew I had to have it. It is like Mint Candy Apple's baby sister. It is alot more pastel and like a washed out version of it. Again it looks amazing in the Summer with a tan and I particularly like to wear this on my toes! 

After School Boy Blazer
This was part of the Autumn collection last year (can you tell I like my Autumnal shades?) and it was one everyone went a little bit crazy for. Yet another adorable name and the colour is just amazing! It is a almost black blue. I don't own anything else like it in my collection and it just looks amazing on the nails. It is one of the more watery ones I own so it does take a few more layers to achieve opacity but it is completely worth it! 

So those are my favourite colours in my Essie collection, if you know of any other colours that I need in my life please let me know! 


  1. I am obsessed with nail polish! I tend to go with the darker colors, especially around fall! So I would have to say Bordeaux is a pretty color and I have to try it!


  2. Ooh Angora Cardi is just lovely! Im wearing Warm and Toasty Turtleneck at the moment and it's just a lovely, deep lavender shade xx

  3. Watermelon & Cute as a Button are my favourite shades too. I love that Essie is available in Boots & Superdrug now. I have a long list of colours I want

  4. Pretty pictures, love how these are stored :)
    Summer x

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  6. You have some gorgeous shades, love them all!
    xprincessjas | ♥