Friday, 7 November 2014

Emjoi Micro-nail

When I first seen advertisements for the Micronail* I was intrigued. I have tried the micro-pedi and am a massive fan of that, so when they released a version for your nails I was very excited.

I first used this on my mum and both of us were very impressed with the results! I would normally buff and shine my nails when I would do a manicure myself but I would always use one of the manual filers which would take a little bit longer and the results were never as impressive. You get two different heads with the machine, a buffer and a shiner. Obviously you would use the buffer first to get rid of any ridges, and to even out the nail and then you use the shiner for the finished look. I wouldn't recommend using the buffer too regularly as I imagine it would wear down your nail rather quickly and nobody wants paper thin nails that will split as they grow! But once every so often to keep your nails looking smooth is no harm! 

My favourite bit (and in my opinion the most addictive part) is the shiner. This leaves your nails looking like you have a clear polish on them. It gives them such an amazing shine and feeling so smooth that this is the step that makes the whole routine for me. There have been days that I haven't had time to apply a fresh coat of nail polish so I just go over them with the shiner and I'm good to go! 

I have been "trying" to give my nails a break from nail polish the past couple of weeks as they have gotten so stained and slightly grubby looking so I think that this is the perfect tool to help me do it! I think this is definitely worth investing in if you are into your nails and you enjoy taking the time to manicure your nails fully before painting them. The Micro-nail is available online here.

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  1. This is a revolutionary new emjoi micro nail care product that buffs, smooths and polishes the finger and toe nails and it has just launched globally. I can see it proving to be a best seller as it is THAT good. I'm also using this from a month. BTW, em working in a beauty salon.