Tuesday, 25 March 2014

You Organic! | Orange & Ylang-Ylang Night Balm

Hello Lovelies!

If you have been following me on twitter you might have noticed I have been having a mini freak-out about my skin lately. A couple of weeks ago it just completely had a melt down, I don't think it's ever been as bad as that before. Basically I started to notice my forehead getting really "bumpy" and next thing I knew my skin was peeling, flaking off, feeling really sore and raw in some places (it was not a fun time) so I really couldn't really put any make up on it without it looking horrible and clinging to all my dryness which was practically my whole face. Now I don't want to point fingers but I do think it was a certain much hyped hydrating serum that caused it and since I have stopped using it my skin has completely improved thankfully! 

So while this was going on I was on a desperate mission to find anything that would help give my skin much needed moisture while not aggravating it any further. A few days into my "dry spell" I was contacted by Ursula from You Organic Skincare who asked me would I like to try their Night Balm. I literally jumped at the chance because after doing some research I discovered that it contains 100% natural ingredients which meant no more harsh chemicals going on my skin, and it is not tested on animals, and it is made in Ireland! Reading the ingredients list really attracted me to using this product. It contains almond oil, beeswax, coconut oil and cocoa butter to name a few. so I knew it was going to be full of moisture and all round goodness!

I was so excited to try this, and I had it on my face within minutes of the postman delivering it. Ursula was kind enough to include a note to say a little goes a long way, and thank you so much Ursula for that because I was literally ready to drench my face in it! Let me tell you a little really does go a long way, this stuff is just amazing! It is a balm texture- identical to that of cleansing balms I've tried, the only difference is that this sinks into the skin beautifully without leaving any greasy or oily residue. My skin was drinking this up in the first few days I was using it and this in combination with my Origins Gin Zing moisturiser is a match made in heaven. My skin had cleared up in the next 4-5 days and I would 100% say it is down to the Night Balm. This is now a firm staple in my skin care routine, I am currently using it 2-3 times a week at night in combination with my Origins Gin Zing just to make sure my skin is getting enough moisture. It has a lovely relaxing scent too, which is perfect for just before bedtime when you need to unwind. It seems to be a lovely multipurpose product too, you can use it for dry patches on your body and men can even use it as an after shave balm!

If you have dry, dehydrated skin I would recommend you give this a go! It has literally saved my skin. You can buy it online here, if you have tried this please let me know what you think!

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