Monday, 10 March 2014

Whoever said Orange is the new Pink was seriously disturbed...

Except in the event of make-up products. 

You all know I am slightly partial to a coral/orange lip and since -dare I say it..Spring has arrived I have found myself reaching for more and more bright colours over the deeper pink-wintery colours! So I thought it was only right to share the products I have been adding to my make up bag with you! 

Origins GinZing Moisturiser
Ok so technically this is not an orange product but the packaging is orange and it smells like oranges too! I bought and loved the GinZing eye-cream last month so it was only right that I bought the moisturiser to go with it. I don't find my skin to be overly dry but I do like to apply a moisturiser to keep any dry patches that may appear at bay. This moisturiser is claiming to be an energy boosting moisturiser so it is meant to leave your skin looking alot fresher and bright. Since using both this and the eye cream together I have started to notice my skin looking alot healthier and I don't look as tired all the time which is always a bonus! 

Bourjois Cream Blush Nude Velvet
When Bourjois released their cream blushes last year this was the main one I wanted to get my hands on and of course everytime I went to a Bourjois stand it was sold out. I eventually managed to get my hands on it online and it has been in my make-up bag constantly since I bought it. It is the perfect peachy blush, not too orange and not too pink. It instantly brightens up your complexion and with these blushes a little goes a long way! 

Clarins Natural Light Lip Perfector 04
This particular product was in my Febuary favourites but I have loved them for the past 6 months consistantly. Number 04 is a lovely milky coral colour, which makes for a lovely nude lip but still has the little bit of tint to it so you are avoiding the concealer lips look! I could rave about these lipglosses for days, they are just so perfect! Non-sticky, longlasting, beautiful colours and they smell gorgeous! Enough said!

Essie Meet me at Sunset
I picked this up towards the end of Summer last year and never really got a chance to try it out because we were straight into the more Autumnal colours then! But lately I have been loving this on my toes! It is such a vibrant red toned orange and looks amazing with a (fake) tan! I can see myself getting alot of wear out of this during the Summer when I can break out the flip flops!

MAC Springsheen Blush
Another product that made it into last months favourites is this blusher from MAC. Like I said in that post, I've actually had this blusher for awhile but only started to use it lately! It is more of a pink-orange blush with a very subtle golden shimmer running through it, you really don't notice the shimmer at all once its on the cheeks! I have been using this non-stop for the past couple of weeks and I can't believe it's taken me so long to start using it! 

Korres Mango Lip Butter
This is a more recent purchase from ASOS. I am such a massive fan of the Korres lip butters, the Jasmine one is always with me! So I wanted to get a more colourful one, and I love mangos so I thought it was the perfect one! These lip butters are amazingly moisturising, they are so thick and creamy and they last a really long time on the lips. This mango one smells amazing and gives a gorgeous orange tint to your lips.

MAC Pure Zen
I have a whole post dedicated to the latest lipstick in my life here so I won't go on too much about it. Like I said in that post this is like the baby sister to Shy Girl. It is a gorgeous light peach colour which again looks lovely with a tan! 

So those are the products that I have been using recently to help transition my make-up from Winter to Spring. If you have any other recommendations for products you think I would like please let me know, and if you haven't already you can enter my international giveaway for a MAC lipstick of your choice here!


  1. Gorgeous post :D I really want to try the Mango Korres Lip Butter :D I have Guava & Jasmine!

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  2. The Essie nail varnish is so lovely and bright! Great post :)

    Michaela-Leigh xx

  3. Haha I love the title of this post!

  4. Pure Zen is a recent find for me and I love it :) such a delicate colour but makes all the difference to a makeup look!
    Bea x

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  5. I LOVE the title of this post! Haha, Mac Pure Zen seems to be sweeping the nation at the moment, think I have to pick it up! X


  6. I love more bright and vibrant colours for spring/summer, that essie nail polish looks perfect x


  7. I love the look of Springsheen x

  8. LOVE the post title, Danielle. This post just reminded me that I still need to pick up the Origins GinZing Moisturizer and one of the Clarins Lip Perfectors too. I've wanted to pick up 02 Apricot Shimme for the past 2 years. I love my corals too and it's for that reason why I now want to pick up Essie Meet me at Sunset. The perfect summer polish. :)

  9. I do love the Bourjois cream blush! It didn't last as long as I thought for me though :(