Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Beauty Favourites

Hello Ladies! 

When I sat down to write about my October favorites I didn't think I would have much to talk about, but the more I thought about it there was so many stand out products this month that I have discovered and absolutely love!  The change is seasons are a major factor in some of these picks, can't believe how cold its gotten already! I have bought so many scarfs and wooly bits so I'm fully prepared..bring it on Mother Nature! On with the favourites..

Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm 
I bought this at the end of last month when I ran out of my beloved Liz Earle and needed something to fill the void until I got her back in my life. I had never tried a cleansing balm before this one and I was always intrigued. I instantly fell in love with this. It leaves my skin feeling lovely and cleansed but as well as that, it leaves it feeling moisturized! I am so glad I picked this up as it will be a nice addition to my skincare routine throughout the Winter months when my skin is feeling that little bit more dry. 

Seventeen Phowarr Concealer
This was a random purchase a while ago but since my under-eye area has not been the best behaved lately I have definitely put it to good use! Apparently this is a dupe for Benefit's Erse Paste (I haven't tried so I can't compare) If you are not into your heavy duty concealers this is most definitely not the one for you! I have never had a concealer as heavy duty as this before. It covers a multitude of sins and has saved me on many an early morning! 

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation 
Another new discovery this month has been this Revlon foundation. I have heard ravings about this for years but just never bothered trying it. It's a lot more full coverage than I would normally go for but this literally lasts all day on me. I have never had a foundation to last as well as this one does all day, without any touch ups. I really am amazed with it! It is definitely on the more expensive end of "drugstore" foundations but it is a complete revelation to me and I love it! 

MaxFactor Wild Shadow Pots -  Pale Pebble & Burnt Bark 
I have been eying these eye-shadows since they were released! Every-time I was at a MaxFactor stand I'd give them a little swatch but always walk away. So the other weekend I was having one of those days and decided to treat myself. I absolutely love these two eye-shadows! They look fantastic together, require minimal work, gorgeously pigmented and blend seamlessly together. They are amazing quality considering they are from the cheaper scale of the make up world. I'm really into cooler toned eye-shadows at the moment too so Burnt Bark is right up my street!

Ginger & Co "Hand it To Me" Hand Cream*
I was sent this during this month and it has become a permanent resident in my handbag ever since! I have become addicted to this tube! I have moisturised my hands so much this month because I am really feeling the weather change and this has worked wonders on them! It leaves them feeling lovely and moisturised but it sinks in so quickly so you don't get that horrible greasy feeling after application. The smell of this is gorgeous too!  

Charles Worthington Leave In Conditioner
 I have noticed my hair has grown so much the past while, I think that is partly because instead of the usual straightening/curling process, I have just been throwing it up in one of those hair donuts and not doing a whole pile with it..(bad blogger) But since I have finally gotten a few more inches on the ends I have been trying my best to keep it in the best condition I can. I have been loving this Leave In Conditioner from Charles Worthington. From the first use I really noticed a difference! My hair felt so much softer and less dry. It leaves a lovely shine to my hair and it comes in a handy pot with a flip lid so there is no messing about in the shower trying to unscrew a pot and dropping it everywhere.

So those are the monthly favourites I have for the month of October...craziness. I have actually started my Christmas shopping already, this will be the year I am organized! I refuse to be the girl running around on Christmas Eve doing things at the last minute, be proud ladies! 

What have you been loving this month? Have you made any new discoveries this month that I should know about or try?


  1. Ooh I think you've just sold the revlon foundation to me!! Like you I've heard so much about it but never got round to trying it myself!! Great post lovely :) xxx.

  2. I like the sound of the Seventeen concealer..especially for those days where you desperately need it! How much was it?
    Becka x

  3. I like the sounds of the botanics balm, I'll definitely be giving that a go!

  4. Revlon Colorstay is my next foundation purchase for sure!

  5. Oooh so many lovely products! I really want to try the 17 concealer and the Max Factor Eyeshadows, have heard nothing but great things about them! Hope you're keeping well Danielle :)

    Celine X

  6. I need to try that 17 concealer, I never seem to find the right concealer for me! xx

  7. All of these products sound brilliant!!