Monday, 28 October 2013

Barry M Matte Nail Paint | Crush

 Hello Lovelies!

Alot of you will have already heard about the new releases from Barry M, the Matte Nail Paints. Being the massive fan of Barry M that I am, I instantly knew I had to get my hands on them. Being honest I had never really tried a matte nail polish before, I had gotten the Gosh Matte topcoat but only used it once or twice.

The colour that I chose was Crush which is a gorgeous deep red colour. Perfect for Autumn/Winter some might say! The formula is slightly thicker than a normal nail polish, so you get much more coverage with just one coat than you would with a regular polish. You could get away with just two coats, but in the swatches above I did three just to show you the effect. I have become obsessed with matte nails since getting this polish. I think it is just really different and nice for the colder months. All the colours in the line are perfect for Autumn/Winter and I will definitely be picking up a few more! 

I had this on for about 3/4 days before I started to notice some wear around the tips but considering I didn't have a top coat on I think this is fantastic. There were no significant chips at all! One thing I will say is that the matte effect does seem to fade, when I took it off it was considerably shiner than when I put it on. So it does wear off eventually! But apart from that I really can't fault these polishes. I am really impressed with what I've seen and will definitely have to try some other shades from the range. I hope that Barry M releases some pastel shades when we eventually reach Spring again, I just think they would look really cute!

Have you tried any of the other shades in this range? What ones would you recommend and what are your thoughts?


  1. I think Crush is definitely next on my list! I just bought the black one "espresso" and i'm loving it so far :) Though I do agree that the matte effect does wear off after a few days.

  2. These are lovely looking polishes, particularly this colour. Barry M just bring it when it comes to super affordable polishes :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  3. I have seen these Barry M polishes a lot lately!! They look wonderful!!

    I followed on GFC and Bloglovin' :)


  4. gorgeous colour, I have the vanilla barry m matte shade but want to get some've sold this shade to me now! x

  5. Such a lovely colour...I haven' tried any of the matte range yet but they look like lovely colours!!

    Layla xx

  6. This colour is gorgeous. My friend just bought it the other day, definitely need to purchase for myself.
    Becka x

  7. The shade is super duper pretty and totally on trend for this season, I'm not too keen on the matte finish though.. I am more one for the shiny nail.

    Barbie Sparkles | UK Beauty Blog

  8. I have Vanilla, Caramel and Expresso... I can't remember which of the lighter shades I've tried and I'm still unsure whether the matte look is for me. I think Expresso will be perfect for Halloween tomorrow though.