Monday, 29 October 2012

What's in my Bag | Autumn Edition

Hello Lovelies!

I've actually already done a whats in my bag but I adore these kinds of posts and videos, and since the contents of my handbag are completely different to my other handbag (the bag itself has even changed) I thought I would use it as an excuse to do another one of these posts!

I got my handbag last year, I bought it off eBay...and yes it is the bag that everybody and their dog has..the Alexander Wang knock-off. I think I paid about €25 altogether for this and for the quality of the bag and the amount of times, I've used it I think it's well worth it! I think its kind of a classic style of bag that I will get to use for alot of years. I also like the size of it. Its big enough but not too big that I'd be lugging around half my house in it!

I haven't cleaned out my bag in ages and even though this isn't a video and you can't actually see me pull the stuff out, I thought I would be 100% honest with all the embarrassing things I carry around with me because I think that is the beauty of these kinds of posts.

Firstly and possibly the most important thing in my bag is my phone, I wouldn't leave the house without it! Next (equally as important) is my purse...more than likely it's full of reciepts instead of money!
I always carry a water bottle around with me in the hopes that I will start drinking some more water, trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and all that! Next is my diary, I have to write all my dates & times down because I WILL forget! I actually won this diary in a Stellar Magazine competition at the start of the year and I'm a little sad that it's coming to the end. Kind of in relation to that I have no less than three pens in my bag...a girl needs to be prepared!
The next thing I always have with me is an umbrella. Kind of self explanatory, Irish weather..enough said!

I carry around hand sanitizer with me at all times too, along with Soap & Glory's Hand Food which smells delicious! 
I got my blood pressure taken the other day so I have random leaflets about that in my bag too which will probably be there for quite some time! Another leaflet is about my new debit card I got the other day. I've never had one before so I'm sensing this could be quite dangerous!!
I don't really carry around too many make-up items with me any more, I have my trusty MAC Hue lipstick, a Rimmel black kohl liner and my Calvin Klein Euphoria rollerball perfume. I also have a little brush kit that I got off Avon years ago! A packet of tissues is also a must, a nail file and a mini hair brush! I have two lipbalms, the famous Carmex and a Lipsmacker in Coca Cola flavor..yummy!

Random things in the bottom of my bag include a packet of chewing gum, a packet of tissues, a blister pad, a lollipop, receipts from Boots (oops!) and random change!

And yes I did just throw everything back into my bag once I was finished going through that is definitely a job for another day!


  1. Love ur blog!!

    New follower here!

    The Misty Mom

  2. Ooh I really love that bag, I keep looking at it on eBay! It also holds quite a lot of stuff impressed!
    Sara @ BelfastBeautyLove xx

  3. I love that bag. It is gorgeous :)