Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Essie | Bahama Mama

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry I've been abit out of the loop with blogging recently, I was kind of lacking inspiration for blog posts and I literally didn't know what to write about. But I've been getting so excited about the change in seasons lately and yes I am one of those annoying people who is counting down to Christmas already...don't shoot me!

Since it has been getting abit colder and darker in the evenings I have been searching for the past few weeks for the perfect Autumnal-Winter nail polish shade. I dabbled in black, navy, metallics and many many deep reds but I found that alot of them just didn't look right with my skin tone. They would make me look alot paler than I am already and that is not a look I'm going for!

I was in Dublin recently and literally pounced on the Essie stand because I don't have Essie anywhere near where I live so I spent a while at it! Also it was 3 for 2..I couldn't pass it up!

I found this gorgeous shade called Bahama Mama. It's not a shade I would normally pick out but it was on the top shelf of the 'most popular' shades of the week or whatever and I kind of picked it up on a whim. (also thought I was picking up Mint Candy Apple but it turned out to be Turquoise & Caicos but in the Mint Candy Apple space..annoying!)

When I got home and painted my nails with this shade I fell in love! It's basically a deep red/burgandy colour and it just screams autumn at me.

I find the formulation perfect, I'd use two coats to get the coverage, colour I want. I've had this on for 3 days so far and I've not got any chips yet! The brush is also something I love! I can't stand the smaller brushes, the new Essie polishes have the 'fan' brushes that just take one swipe and your nail is coated.

I love this colour and I know I will be using this for a long time. I did pay €12.99 which made me die a little inside but I will get the wear out of it...Definitely on the hunt for a dupe though!


  1. That's a lot for nail polish! But wow, the colour is beautiful!

    1. I died a little inside...I'm justifing it that it was 3 for 2 haha xx

  2. That colour is so pretty and perfect for autumn! I may have to pick it up soon :) x

  3. Ooh! I'm not normally one for reddy nail polishes but this is gorgeous! Xx