Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Liz Earle | Special Edition

Hello Lovelies!

Recently I posted about Liz Earle bringing out a Limited Edition version of their famous Cleanse and Polish. So me being the Liz Earle fiend that I am, I had to get my hands on it as soon as I could.

I was worried that the formula would have changed and that it would make me break out, but once I read about the new cleanser on the website Liz Earle said that it was still the original formula just with the addition of Lavender & Rose into it.

Now first things first can we take a moment to appriciate the packaging? Pink and Purple and general pretty packaging! It's a nice change from the normal mint and it looks really pretty in my bathroom. A really shallow thing to like in a cleanser but that's me!

On to the actual cleanser itself. There is alot more product in this special edition Cleanse & Polish which makes me feel better about paying the extra few euros, some of which goes towards the Princes Trust, so buying this can be your good deed for the day!

It smells devine, very relaxing for just before bedtime which is when I tend to use it most! It is the exact same formula as the original Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, it still does an amazing job of removing all my make up (water-proof eye make up and all!)

I would have to say I do prefer the original just slightly but this is always nice for a change.
If you are interested in trying out this new type (plus it's for charity!) it's available on the Liz Earle website for €23.50!


  1. I have the original C&p .. Im dying to try this one

  2. I love this new addition esp evening time. Still love the original too though x