Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Holy Grail Moisturiser

Hello Pretties!

Today I wanted to give a little recognition to this little beauty that has SAVED MY FACE!..And it is called The Garnier Essentials Hydrating Day Care moisturiser for dry skin.

Before the find of this little pot of gold...I was chopping and changing my moisturiser like nothing else...putting any sort of cream on my skin. And then the incident happened. Basically my skin started to burn off my face..It was under my eyes and on my cheeks and it was sore and just not a fun time. So enough was enough...I went into boots and picked up this little beaut. 
It was so gentle on my skin because before if I put anything on my face I would be in agony and would end up wiping it off..but this didn't sting at all. It smells devine..(like Roses!) and the packaging is cute too..and most importantly my skin is in such good condition...lovely and soft and moisturised which makes me a happy bunny!

Just a random picture of a Hen Night I was recently at...judging by the amount of red/white eyes we did not avoid looking at the flash... amateurs!

What are your holy grail items? 



  1. I have seriously sensitive skin, like my eyes peel all the time and are really sore when I put on make up. Is this any good for that? And does it work as a primer under foundation, because I would love one of them, but they tend to be so pricey!

    Samma x

    1. I think it would be really good for your sensitive skin! Because when I first tried this it didn't aggravate my skin because my skin was in bits at the time its lovely! I haven't really noticed if its any good as a primer but you should try the Rimmel one! Its really good! :D xx