Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jumping on the Liz Earle band wagon..

Hello Pretties!

The other day I finally caved in and ordered my very first Liz Earle product! Yaaaaay!

I bought the Cleanse and Polish starter kit which came with a 100ml bottle and two muslin cloths.

First of all look how pretty the packaging is!..

All so neat and pretty and you can tell that alot of effort went into this, which I think is amazing when a company goes that extra mile for you.

Not only did they send me my Cleanse & Polish and my cloths..they sent me a sample size of their "Instant Boost Skin Tonic" and samples of their "Sheer Skin Tint" and lots of information about the brand and all their different products.

I've only used my Cleanse & Polish twice but so far I'm smitten! It takes off all my make-up..even my mascara which I normally struggle with!

I cant rave enough about this company and I will defiantly be purchasing from them in the future!

Available HERE

Oh and also when I tweeted my excitement about getting my parcel..They tweeted me back!

Sorry but...Rave rave rave rave rave!

Have you guys tried anything else from the Liz Earle range that you would recommend? :)

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