Friday, 13 November 2015

Tan Eraser

This post is well over due, I have been meaning to write about this product for ages because over the past couple of weeks since using it- it has changed my life! A touch dramatic, but that is actually how I feel about this glove. I was generously sent this a few weeks ago to try out, before it launched in pharmacies in Ireland. Over the past couple of weeks I have been giving this a go, and I have been genuinely surprised at how much I like it. Before I first gave it a go, I was thinking to myself- I'm sure it will give a good exfoliation but I was doubtful as to whether it would remove any my tan on its own. 

The tanning mitt has a pink and a black side to it, the pink is the slightly softer side and the black is a little rougher so it is perfect for the tougher areas that tan tends to cling to (knees!) I started off with the pink side on my arms and legs and it instantly took off the bulk of my tan. I always find my ankles, elbows and my knees are where the majority of my tan hangs around- and it is always the hardest areas to remove it from. The pink side didn't cut it for this so I switched to the black side and managed to get almost all of it off. 

The thing I like the most about this glove is that it doesn't feel like you are scrubbing the life out of your skin. It still feels very gentle to use and doesn't leave my skin red raw at the end. If like me, you struggle to remove the last few bits of tan off, I would 100% recommend that you give this a go! It is available in Pharmacies across Ireland or on their website here.

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