Monday, 16 November 2015

MAC | Oh Darling Highlighter

This has blown up on social media since the MAC "Magic of the Night" collection was released a couple of weeks ago. The MAC "Oh Darling" highlighter seems to be the stand out product from the whole collection - and the one that seems to be the hardest to get your hands on, so I do apologize if you feel you need this highlighter after reading this! I was lucky enough to attend one of the preview nights that Brown Thomas were holding the week before the official launch. I had originally gone in thinking I might pick up a lipstick, but once I laid eyes on this highlighter I knew I had to have it. Myself and my two friends that were at the preview, snapped it up once the girl showed it to us. When I was paying, the girl that was serving me said that we managed to get the last three in the store and since then I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

Apparently this is a product that has been in a previous collection from MAC a couple of years ago, so it must have been popular enough for MAC to bring it back. Even just looking at this in the pan, without swatching it, you can see how gorgeous it is. In the pan it looks like a very pale golden colour, not a million miles away from my beloved The Balm's Mary Lou-manizer. The embossing on the powder itself was so pretty that I didn't want to even swatch it in case I spoiled it. (I got over that pretty quickly though!)

Once swatched, or applied on the skin it comes off as a slightly more champagne shade which is normally the type of tone I go for in a highlighter. It is definitely on the warmer side of champagne, so it is perfect for when I am slightly tanned and when I'm not. A good all rounder. There is the slightest hint of glitter in it, but it is so subtle that once it is applied on the skin you have to look very hard to spot it. It can be used to create a nice subtle everyday look or it can be layered up to look a bit more dramatic. I think that it would be suitable for most skintone, and it is a very easy highlighter to wear. I prefer wearing this to my MAC Soft & Gentle on an everyday basis, just because it is that little bit more subtle. I save Soft & Gentle for when I really want a more "in your" face highlighter look.

If you find this at a MAC counter anywhere- I definitely recommend you pick it up. You won't regret it!


  1. Oh, wow... it looks amazing :) I've really been into highlighters lately, and am in the process of looking for the perfect one.. Not that's a great competition for the one from The Balm I mentioned in my last post.. Great post! xx

  2. It looks gorgeous! I love highlighters, love being like a glitter ball.. This looks quite warm so it would be perfect on my darker skin tone!
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  3. I love a good highlighter, this looks as gorgeous as the balm's mary lou manizer!

    Just Little Things xo

  4. It does look pretty in your swatch, i have seen alot of people say it comes across dark x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  5. This looks so pretty! I recently picked up the Champagne Glow palette from Becca so I might hold off on this one, but the collection looks fantastic!

    xo, Liz

  6. such a beautiful highlighter! I only bought 1 but I wish I could have bought more before it sold out everywhere..

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

  7. Sounds like a perfect highlighter - lucky you managed to get your hands on it!

    Lucy |