Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 Aims & Resolutions

(Picture- Weheartit, Edited By Me)

Hello Lovelies!

Moving on from the standard 2013 Beauty Favourites posts that are filling up our blog feeds this week, I have decided  to do another traditional Blogger post for this time of year and tell you all about what my resolutions and aims are for 2014. 

Worry Less
Anyone that knows me knows that I worry a ridiculous amount. Things that most people wouldn't even think of I worry about. In the past few months its gotten particularly bad and I really just want to snap out of it. I've wasted enough time worrying about things that didn't even happen. It's really time to just chill out abit and enjoy life. 

Eat Healthier
Myself and my boyfriend are always partial to the odd take-away but this year we are both really trying to cut down! More fresh cooking and a bit of variety in meals too. We always seem to go for the same things so I'm going to start to try new and different foods and try and get more vitamins and nutrients and essentials into my body! 

Work Out More
I'm ashamed to say even though I work part time in a leisure centre I have never used the gym...I know it is bad. So this year I am going to take it upon myself to get more active. I'm going to try and come in early before work and get my workout done or even try some of the classes. I want to loose a little bit of weight this year and tone up so I really need to get in gear!

Be More Confident
Not be cocky, just be more confident in my decisions and when I know I'm right I need to stick with it and not doubt myself. 

Stick to my Skincare Routine
Over the past few months I have gotten a tad lazy with my skincare. I may have once or twice resorted to facewipes (gasp!) So another one of my aims this year is to get back to my proper routine no matter how tired I am or how late it is. My skin has really been playing up the past while and I know its completely down to the fact I have been slacking with the old skincare. 

So those are my 2014 aims, whether I stick to them or not remains to be seen but I do have good intentions! (don't we all!) Let me know what your New Years Resolutions are and if you have managed to stick to any from previous years! 


  1. basically i think we are on the same page here ahaha Have a great year! :)

  2. I have similar resolutions to you - you can find them over on my blog :)
    Good luck with your resolutions!!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  3. We sound so similair hun as I also want to do all of these things in 2014 too!! Especially worry less - I worry about everything!! Xx.

  4. Aww I'm s huge worrier too, worrying over stuff that will prob never happen too lol! As someone once told me though 'worrying changes nothing , it will just make you tired'
    Bin those those girl , you need a Cleanse Off Mitt ;)
    Good luck with all your resolutions xx

    1. Bin those wipes* that's supposed to be!

  5. I agree I need to do all of these!

  6. Great goals Danielle, mine are very similar especially worrying less and exercising more. Happy 2014!

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  7. my aims are so similar! great post and very honest!
    RR xx

  8. These are all thinks which I've recently found myself saying I need to do too! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle

  9. The worry less and eat better resolutions are similar to mine too, I worry far too much over tiny things.

    Best wishes for the year ahead!

    Amy :-)

  10. I worry about loads too so I want to stop worrying all the time this year! We can do it :) xx