Thursday, 18 July 2013

Top 5 Summer Lip Products

Hello Lovelies!

A few weeks ago I guest posted for the lovely Becky while she was on her holidays, so I thought I would share it here incase you missed it before! I wanted to share my top 5 lip picks for the Summer, and as you all know I am a massive fan of lip products so it was a bit of a challenge to narrow it down to just five but here are the ones that made the cut!

No.7 BB Lips - Blush Coral
I'm not normally a big fan of lip glosses but when I picked this up on a whim a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love! It's not sticky whatsoever on the lips which is a massive selling point for me because I hate the feeling of tacky, sticky lips. It gives a nice sheer wash of colour on the lips which is nice for a sunny day as it's not too heavy!

YSL Rouge Volupte - Peach Passion
Can you tell I'm going through a Coral phase at the moment? My boyfriend very kindly bought this for me a while ago, and even though I am trying to save it for special occasions I just can't resist and have been wearing it quite a lot recently. It is a gorgeous peachy-coral shade and I don't think I've seen another colour like it. I love this paired with my BB Lips from No.7!

MAC - Lady Danger
I swear after this one I will stop with the Orange colours! I think this is my all time favourite MAC lipstick. Perfect for a Summer night out, it is still a gorgeous statement colour but it is a nice variation on the classic Red lip that everyone seems to love. I think this is a lipstick that would look good on so many different skin tones and I would recommend you go and have a look at it next time you're at MAC!

MAC - Chatterbox
The most recent edition to my MAC collection and one I have found myself reaching for quite a lot throughout the Sunnier days. It is a gorgeous deep pink but I still consider it very wearable for everyday. It is an amplified finish so the colour you see is the colour you get on your lips. I love this paired with Well Dressed blush from MAC for an everyday look!

Revlon Lip Butter - Lollipop
And for the days where I'm not feeling in the mood for a lipstick but I still want some colour on my lips I have been reaching for Lollipop! I love the formulas of the Revlon Lip Butters, they are so lightweight on the lips but still moisturising while giving your lips some colour. Lollipop is a gorgeous fuchsia pink which can be lightly applied for a wash of colour or built up to be more a opaque colour!

So there you have it, those are my top five lip products for the Summer months! What would be in your top 5 picks? Please leave your recommendations below! 


  1. I love Lollipop! It's one of my favourite lip butter shades :)
    Great picks. Love the look of that YSL...


  2. Peach Passion is so pretty, I think if I could buy a YSL lipstick it would be that shade :)
    Amy xx
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  3. Peach Passion and Lady Danger are my two fave lipsticks for summer! I'm loving them sooo much. I feel like I should slow down and wear something else though, they'll be running out far too quickly.

    Tori xx

  4. I want to try all of these now! I love revlon lip butters and the bb lipsnare defo on my list!Beth May Blogs
    My Bloglovin

  5. I love the lip butter in lollipop! Such a gorgeous raspberry shade.

  6. WOW, The YSL Rouge Volupte Peach Passion is a gorgeous and perfect colour! I'm obsessed with coral lipsticks at the moment, exactly the colour i've been looking for all my life haha!

    Adele, :)


  7. Peach Passion is absolutely gorgeous! I love that colour, it's perfect for summer daytime. Then again I think Lady Danger is so vivid and daring. It looks really pigmented too :)

    Kathryn x

  8. Lollipop looks gorgeous! Looks so much like MAC Girl About Town which is one of my favourite summer lipsticks! I love all the shades you picked - must try the No7 gloss soon.


  9. YSL peach passion looks gorgeous! I love there packaging. Can't go wrong with a revlon lip butter either.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  10. That one from Mac chatterbox is gorgeous! I had Lady Danger but I didn't think it suited me at all! great post:) Elaine x

  11. Lady Danger is stunning! I have some lip butters but I have NO idea where they are :/

  12. Love the look of the No7 BB lips, I'm not usually one for corals/peaches/oranges but this looks so pretty

    Stacey x

  13. I'm really tempted by those BB lips, all of these products look gorgeous though. I don't own a YSL lipstick but they just look incredible, even the packaging is beautiful! xx

  14. Blush Coral and Peach Passion are GORGEOUS. The fact that they go well together warrants a purchase me thinks :) I hope that someday I'll meet a guy who'll treat me to a YSL lippie. :)

  15. i love lady danger! one of my favourites - following your blog now btw :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'

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