Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Philosophy Soul Owner & Footnotes

Hello Lovelies! 
Isn't the weather amazing?! We are currently having a heat wave in Ireland and the heat is just unreal, I'm afraid to even step out into the sun without being slathered in SPF because I fear I will just burst into flames! Yesterday I actually started my new job in Boots which was amazing! I'm so excited about it! 
Lately I was lucky enough to be sent some Philosophy products to review. I have never tried any of Philosophy's products but heard nothing but good things about them so of course I jumped at the chance! I was sent the"Soul Owner" Foot Cream and "Footnotes" Foot Scrub. Now I'll be honest before I tried these products I was never really a foot girl. I would paint my toe nails but never really go any more than that with it. I have never really used anything specifically for my feet and I just never paid that much attention to them. I'm sure this will send some people into complete and utter shock but to be honest I don't normally have my feet on display anyway! But since it is getting hotter and I'm breaking out the sandals and flip flops I decided it was time to embrace the foot care! 
Once I received them I put them to the test straight away, and having not paid much attention to my feet before you can only imagine the state they were in (I won't go into details) so I was expecting great things..and I wasn't disappointed! The Footnotes foot scrub just amazed me. First off it smells of Lavender and contains both Lavender and Eucalyptus oil. The exfoliant in it is really fine and gritty, perfect for getting all the dead skin off the bottoms of my feet! It was a lot more of a watery consistency than I was expecting so that was a bit of a surprise the first time I used it!  It also felt lovely and moisturising which was so nice because theres nothing worse than that dry, itchy feeling you can get after any kind of exfoliating! 
Now on to my personal favourite, the Soul Owner Foot Cream. It says it's an exfoliating foot cream and to be honest I haven't really noticed much of that but that may be because I'm using it directly after my scrub and I just can't tell. Again this smells of lavender which is so lovely and relaxing to use just before bed. It's so soothing and nice it would just send me straight to sleep! It's such a thick, creamy consistency that it just feels like such a luxurious treat for your feet! 
My feet have improved so much since I've started to use these two products. They feel so soft and I don't feel as ashamed as I used to when I wear sandals! This little foot treat set is available online at QVC here! I'll definitely be checking out some more of their products, I'm currently eyeing up a few moisturisers that they have on their site! 

Have you tried these products? What are your thoughts? What other Philosophy products would you recommend me to try?


  1. They sound lovely!

    Maxine, xx

  2. Lucky you! Philosophy have such great products. I'm liking the sound of these two! xx

  3. I haven't tried anything from Philosophy but they sound like great products, I'm a disaster for not looking after my feet either! Congrats on your new job x

  4. You should try the purity made simple cleanser <3 it great post xx

    1. Thanks hun I was actually going to look at the cleansing products xx