Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Products I've Used Up | Empties #4

Hello Lovelies! 

I'm sure we can all agree that there is nothing more satisfying than finishing a product that you've had for ages. For me it just gives me the excuse to buy more things. I'm one of those people that get halfway through a product and then just get sick of it so for me to actually finish something is a big deal! Not going to lie I have been collecting these empty products for quite a while so the Empties post would be nice and varied! 

One of my everyday essentials, I need to have a tub of Carmex with me at all times! I have heard that it's not actually that good for your lips but I find it is the only lipbalm that gives me instant results. I like to use it for a good deep conditioning lip treatment after using my Lush lip scrub!

Bourjois Magic 1 Second Nail Polish Remover
When I first bought this I didn't really think I would "run out" of this, and technically I haven't, it still has product in it but it has gotten so icky I can't use it anymore without getting old nail polish or glitter all over my fingers. I have already repurchased this. I absolutely love it! It is so handy and makes taking off nail polish completely fuss free!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
I mush have one of these in every empties post I do! I honestly can not survive without this! If I ever not use it my skin instantly turns bad! It smells lovely, leaves my skin feeling lovely and is a lovely treatment for every evening! Again I have already repurchased this, I actually bought the 200ml version so it will last longer!

Liz Earle Instant Tonic Boost
Can you tell I'm abit of a Liz Earle fanatic  I'm a massive fan of toners and I use them on an everyday basis without fail! I do love to test out others but I always end up coming back to my beloved Liz Earle! I am in love with the smell of the Liz Earle toner and it feels so gorgeous and refreshing on the skin. It is definitely my favourite toner of all time! This (shocking) has already been repurchased!

Nivea Refreshing Toner
I told you I do love my toners! I picked this up awhile ago on a whim, in Tesco of all places! It was on offer and I thought I would give it a go! I did actually really like it, it felt nice on my skin and again felt lovely and refreshing! I'm not sure if I would repurchase this again, if it was on offer I probably would! 

St Moriz- Dark
No surprise here, I do tend to go through bottles and bottles of this! It is my favourite tan and at €4.99 you can't really go wrong! I bought it in Dark by accident (I do like to be tanned but not THAT tanned) and not to be predictable I've already repurchased it, in my regular medium shade!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub
I am slightly devastated that I have fun out of this. I got this with the "Best of All" set around Christmas time. I completely fell in love with the scent of this!  If you love the scent of Coca-Cola you will love this! This may have even (gasp) taken over from "Flake Away" as my favourite body scrub!

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation!
One of my favourite ever foundations, I love the finish of this foundation, it leaves quite a natural finish to the skin and it lasts really well during the day too! I've recently discovered there is an even paler shade in this range called 010 Porcelain and I snapped it up instantly for my no-tan days! 

Finally I can throw out these empty products! They have been hanging around my room for way to long! I am so excited today because it is my birthday tomorrow yay! I'm having a nice meal with my family & boyfriend tomorrow evening, having a girly night with my best friend on Thursday and going shopping on Saturday! I think I'm going to go abit crazy in Boots at the weekend so if you have any recommendations as to what I should buy please let me know! 


  1. I must try that Soap & Glory Scrub! Sounds delish!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow :)

    Denise x

    1. Thanks so much hun! It smells soooo good!:D xxx

  2. oh I need to try this scrub as well!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. I've run out of Bioderma as well, I need to restock!

  4. i need to try the S&G scrub!!

  5. I love match perfection too! It always takes me so long to finish a product haha. Ah so exciting for tomorrow! Definitely pick up a rouge edition lippy if you haven't yet and i've just discovered a new love for fashionista blushes - the pigmentation is unreal! xx

    1. Hehe I knew I could rely on you for some good recommendations!:D xxx

  6. Really want to get my hands on the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and the Bioderma product! I've heard amazing things about both.

    Megan xxx

  7. I have the lightest shade of this 'Light Porcelain' and it's amazing for my white skin :D it's such a lightweight foundation isn't it? I am so impressed.. I want to try the gel version now! xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I'm so glad that they brought out this version! Thank you Rimmel! yay! xxx