Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Boyfriend Tag

Hello Lovelies!

I've seen this tag flying around quite a bit at the moment and I really wanted to do it for myself for ages but I've only ever seen it on YouTube so I was quite the happy bunny when I seen it popping up in blog posts!

This is my boyfriend Alex. We've been together for 4 years and I absolutely love him!

So without waffling on too much (because trust me I could!) here are the questions

She's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
Made in Chelsea - Correct! I am utterly obsessed with this show lately! I want to look like Millie Mackintosh!!

Whats one food she doesn't like?
Vegetables - Sadly this is true too, I HATE all veggies!

You go out to a bar, what kind of drink does she order?
West Coast Cooler - Yup! Love the stuff plus I am a mahoosive lightweight so its about all I can handle!

What size shoe does she wear?
5 - Correct!

If she was collecting anything what would it be?
Nail Polish - Yes I do have a bit of a problem!

What is her favourite type of sandwich?
Roast Chicken - Yep from Tesco! It's yuuuum!

What would this person eat everyday if she could?
Subway/Chilli - Correct! He makes the BEST Chilli Con Carne I've ever had!

What is her favourite cereal?
Cornflakes - I used to just eat them dry from the box when I was younger!

Whats her favourite music?
N-Dubz - It's true! I miss them,..don't judge me haha!

What's her favourite sports team?
Arsenal of course :-P - hmmmmm haha

What's her eye colour?
Bluey awesome colour - awh!

Who's her best friend?
Me ;-) - haha!

What is something you do that she wishes you didn't?
Tickle her when she's trying to concentrate - haha our tickling matches get really serious!

What's her heritage/ Where's she from?
Ireland - Indeedy!

You bake her a cake for her birthday, what kind of cake?
Chocolate - Hells yeah!

Did she play any sports?
Basketball - I'm surprised he knew this...Its was a VERY brief sporting career!

What could she spend hours doing?
Her nails and blog - I have been known to spend a while on my nails...tis true!

What is one unique talent she has?
Making me feel happy and loved no matter what. Love ya hunny xxx - awwhh! I didn't even make him write that!

Yay so that's my boyfriend tag, he did soooo much better than I thought he would!..just kidding, I knew he'd do good! I'm just going to leave some random pictures now!



  1. Awh! I love this tag! :) I'm so nosey i love these tho, he's seems lovely :) xx

  2. ye're so cute, he knows so much about you! i love MIC too :D xo


  3. beautiful couple :) this was so lovely to read!! :)



  4. aw cute! I love reading these tags :)