Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Catrice Make-Up Haul

Yaaay so I went spending moola today and I got some Catrice make-up!
Its a really cheap make-up brand and I love their stuff!

The first thing I got was the Liquid Liner in the colour "Dating Joe Black" 
It lasts for ages and it doesn't smudge! Its a really dark dark black colour and really easy to apply with the thin foam brush. LOVE-IT!

Next I got their Eye-Shadow Primer,.Everyone needs one of these in their make-up bags! Its amazing amazing amazing!! You only need the TEENIEST bit and it makes your eye-shadow last all day! It has a small bit of sparkle in it too so sometimes I just use that instead of an eye-shadow!

I also picked up a Gosh nail-polish,..I don't normally look at their nail-polishes but I've wanted to try a matt effect on my nails for ages but I could never find a matt polish :( 
It was actually my boyfriend who spotted it! (Thank you thank you thank you) 

I only had to put on one layer for it to take effect,.which is brilliant because it will last for ages! The only thing I was disappointed in was it didn't last long,.the next day the shine started to come through and I found it chipped really easily. Other than that I loved it!

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