Monday, 6 February 2017

Blank Canvas Master Series One Palette

This palette is one that I have been eyeing up since it released. It has been raved about across social media, everyone seems to love it. Even though it was something I wanted to get, I never got around to actually buying it. I was lucky enough to get it for Christmas, and it has been getting well used since. The colours are exactly what I have been going for recently. I am going crazy for anything warm toned, which is the complete opposite of what I used to be obsessed with. Blank Canvas shadows are seriously impressive for the price. I have used the "Pippa" palette from them, and I love the shades in that palette. I was really impressed with the quality of that palette, so I was hoping that these shadows would be a similar kind of thing- and I was not disappointed. 

If you are starting off with make-up, or are looking for a good all-rounder for eyeshadow, I would recommend this one to you. The combination of colours in this palette are so beautiful, and they all work so well together. The shadows themselves are lovely, they are creamy, pigmented and so easy to work with. They apply onto the eye-lid so beautifully and they work like a dream team. You can create any kind of look with this palette. You can have a subtle "no-makeup" look, a "more effort made" look, to a full on "night out" look. 

Another thing I love about these shadows is their longevity. I do prime my eyes everyday without fail, using the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but regardless- they are still some of the longest lasting shadows I have ever used. I have oily skin and oily eyelids so eyeshadows tend to fade really easily on me. But these shadows have really stood the test. My favourite shades are Goddess, Brazen and Cocoa. All the shades compliment each other really well and they are the perfect selection of brown/neutral shades for an everyday eyeshadow palette.

For the price, you really can't go wrong with this palette. It is available on the Blank Canvas website here for €34.99. Let me know if you have tried this palette and what your thoughts on it were!

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