Wednesday, 14 October 2015

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish | Soft & Gentle

Possibly one of the most old school products ever, but I've only just gotten my hands on it! MAC's Soft & Gentle was the be all and end all of highlighters before Mary-Lou came around. Now we all know I am in love with Mary-Lou and it has been pretty much the only highlighter I have been using the past few months (apart from Lulu from the Pippa Palette when I'm travelling) But lately I have been getting the urge to try something different and having heard so much about this over the past few years, I decided to go for it. 

I had never tried a Mineralize Skin Finish before this one and really didn't expect it to be so intense! This is one of the softest powder formulas I have ever tried. It is so pigmented and it is so easy to go overboard with this! I think I will have to get a fan brush to use with it because all my other brushes just pick up too much product. As you can see from the picture the product is so intense.Compared to the Mary Lou-manizer, this is a bit more of a champagne colour and I feel that it would suit a lot more skin tones. It definitely does contain tiny specks of glitter-which doesn't bother me but it might not be for everyone. I have been wearing this as my everyday highlighter since getting it but I will be amping it up for nights out soon. I just love having all the highlight on my face, all the time.

I would definitely recommend you give this a swatch the next time you are at a MAC stand, if you love highlighter as much as I do-you need this in your life!

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