Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Revlon Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment

Just wanted to start off this post by apologizing for the lack of content on my blog lately. I decided to take a small break from social media and I haven't been posting as frequently on my Instagram or Facebook. But I'm getting back into routine this week and wanted to share something that I have been using and loving for awhile now. You know those products that is so raved about, and so hyped up that you just refuse to try it because you're convinced that it couldn't be all that? Yeah that's how I was about the Uniq One. This has been raved about both online and in "real" life and I just couldn't believe that it could be that good. But you all know how weak I am and I ended up buying it anyway. I'm fickle and I wanted nice hair. I have recently gotten a bit of a hair chop and a few layers put in and I haven't been so happy with my hair in a very long time. I got it styled at Jiksaw Hair Design in Carrick on Shannon. They are honestly the nicest girls ever in there and Hannah is a miracle worker! So after she put so much work into fixing my hair I vowed that I would take better care of it. This seemed to be on the top of everyone's list of hair care products along with Moroccan Oil so I made the purchase. 

This is a leave-in hair treatment that comes with big claims. It says it has 10 Real Benefits- Repair for Dry & Damaged Hair, Shine & Frizz Control, Heat Protection, Silkiness & Smoothness, Hair Colour Protection with UVA & UVB Filters, Easier Brushing & Ironing, Incredible Detangling, Long-lasting hairstyle, Split ends prevention and adds body. So of course I didn't believe any of those claims before using this and was a complete and utter pessimist. Sickened to say, I was wrong. I fricking love this now and haven't gone a hair wash without using it since getting it! 

I spray it all over my hair while it is still damp and then brush through. The combination of this and my Wet Brush makes it so easy to glide the brush through my hair. My hair feels so much less knotty and tangled so there are less breakages which is always a good thing. Once my hair is blow dried it feels so silky and smooth. I have been limiting myself to the amount of times I straighten my hair and I find this helps cut out any need to really use the straighteners. It also leaves your hair smelling like you've just walked out of the hairdressers! (Swish Swish!)

I don't think I have been using this long enough to see benefits like the spit end prevention or to see how the heat protection is but so far so good and I am pleasantly surprised with how this has worked on my hair. I ordered mine from Cloud10Beauty which is one of my favourite online beauty stores.


  1. I've been using a weightless oil from Label M just lately and I absolutely love it but at £25 a pop I can't afford to repurchase it a lot so I need a back up so I'll keep this one in mind

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. This sounds fantastic! I'll definitely have to look it up :) XOXO Emma