Thursday, 14 May 2015

Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control Anti-Perspirant

I have been loyal to a deodorant brand for so long, and it is never something I shop around for. I know what works for me and don't normally feel the need to stray from it. But recently my underarms have been feeling a little dry and irritated (TMI?) so when the Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant* arrived through my letter box I decided to give it a go to see if it would help. 

This is a cream deodorant which offers 48hr protection. I felt that because it is a cream product that I would be applying under my arms on a daily basis, it might be more moisturizing than my regular everyday deodorant. First off with the protection I have found it to do exactly what it says on the tin. It has kept sweat and odor at bay thoughout the day. I'm not sure about the 48hr claim since I apply my deodorant every day so I don't let it get to the stage where I would need 48hrs protection! The difference with this is that you apply it before you go to bed and it get to work overnight and then leaves you protected for the day after. It really feels strange applying deodorant before going to bed but I found it really works. It has really helped moisturise the area too, I have found that tan sits a lot better and it feels better under there too! The smell is a very clean scent- not too over powering or in your face. It is just very fresh but still leaves room for you to add your own fragrance for the day.

I can't imagine going back to using a spray after using this because it dries almost instantly and  doesn't leave that sticky feeling some sprays can. The fragrance doesn't over power like again the sprays can tend to do. Overall I just find that this works better for  me and I would definitely recommend this if you are not getting on with your current situation! It is available online here.


  1. I've wanted to try Sure's Maximum Protection for a while, but I'm really lazy with deodorants and just buy whatever is on offer - I am not a loyal deodorant user at all. However, this does sound fab, I may have to try it!

    Love Lucy x

  2. I recently bought this too, although mine is the sensitive one I think (it's purple instead of green, whatever that one is!) because the anti-perspirant I'd been using before which was also a spray just seemed to stop working-- completely! This however is amazing! A little pricier but worth every penny. :) xx

  3. I haven't bought a spray since I tried these first x