Wednesday, 15 April 2015

No.7 Pop & Glow | Sunrise Glow

When I first heard about the new No.7 Pop & Glow Duo* to be honest I wasn't overly excited about them. I am a massive fan of the highlighter as you all know already, I have raved about it many times. In my eyes I couldn't see any changes that needed to be done and this Pop & Glow was too much change for my liking! But after giving it a go over the past while, I can say that it has made its way into my everyday make-up routine! It is the same idea as the highlighter that I love, only difference is that it is split down the middle and has a blush shade and a highlighter. On first appearance it reminded me alot of the Benefit Fine One One stick that was released a couple of years ago, the only difference is that Fine One One had a contour shade. I wasn't overly impressed by that release from Benefit and I thought my feelings about this would be the same. 

I haven't been using this in the way that I imagined it was meant to be used. I thought that the idea behind this was that you could just swipe it onto your cheeks, blend and go - which you could do - but I have been using a mixture of my Real Techniques Stippling brush and my fingers to apply it. The blush side is so amazingly pigmented, so if you were to swipe it directly onto your cheeks it might look a little OTT and be difficult to blend. Where as if I use my brush and dab any excess onto the back of my hand it is alot easier to apply and blend the product exactly how I want it, and it is very easy to build up the colour if I wanted to. I don't have much to say about the highlighter since it is pretty much the same as the original, and you all know how I feel about that! Its a lovely creamy consistency and really does add instant radiance to the skin.  

It is available in two variants, "Sunrise Glow" and "Sunset Glow". The one I have is "Sunrise Glow" which is perfect for those with fairer skintones. The No.7 vouchers are doing the rounds at the moment, so it works out at €8.95! They are available online here if you want to have a look!


  1. This looks so pretty, I like that it is a two in one product. So handy & perfect for Summer. I love No7 makeup & think its really affordable & great quality. I will be treating myself to this

  2. Oh I have the blush stick from them! :) I really like it. xxx

  3. I really love the look of this - that pigmentation is incredible! But I am put off by the two colour stick...I wish it was just in a duo pan!

  4. Nope I'm afraid of stuff like this! I'd love it if it was in a pan but not in a stick. Gorgeous colours though!

  5. So pretty though I'm not sure if the pink is too bright... Need to go and swatch to see how it blends out! xx

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