Thursday, 19 March 2015

Sanctuary 7 Day Moisture Miracle Oil Balm

I feel like I really go through phases of really loving either skincare or really loving make-up and at the moment I have been obsessed with skincare- both body and face! My elbows and knees have been in a sorry state lately so I went on the hunt for a product that was going to sort it out. Sanctuary has never been a brand I have paid much attention to- I have always tended to go for Soap & Glory over it but when I spotted this on the shelves of Boots I snapped it up in the hopes that it would help with the elbow/knee situation! 

It is really an unusual product in my collection. It comes out as a balm when you first take it out of the tube but when you rub it between your hands it instantly changes to an oil. I have been applying this to any dry areas in the evening time and letting it soak in overnight. It really has improved the areas of dryness really quickly. It leaves both my knees and elbows feeling so moisturized and it helps my tan go on so much better in those areas! 

The smell is absolutely fabulous! It is so soothing and it is a really lovely product to apply in the evenings and it has been a step that I have really been enjoying doing the past while. It has also made me want to try out more Sanctuary products. So if you have any product recommendations that you think I will like- please let me know! 

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