Friday, 2 January 2015

Rimmel Provocolips | Play With Fire

 You all know my preferences when it comes to a darker lip, I like long lasting matte finishes- the more matte and chalky the better! I'm not normally one for bringing a whole pile of make up out with me on a night out or on a day to day basis so I like minimal touch-ups if at all possible. Also bold, glossy lips and myself do not get along- they end up being everywhere but my lips so it is safer to just stay away! I was on the hunt for a long lasting lipstick for my work's Christmas party recently and I had seen alot of posts about the new lip release from Rimmel called the Provocolips. Everyone said that they are ridiculously long lasting and some even saying that they had problems getting them off- so I picked up the shade "Play With Fire" to give it a go! 

On the night of my Christmas party I applied this around 5pm. I found it really easy to apply with the doe-foot applicator provided. It is really easy to outline your lips with the pointed side and then fill them in with the flat side. After leaving that to dry for a minute or so, I applied the clear balm on top. This is the sealing top coat which gives a gorgeous gloss to the lips as well as holding in the colour. When I first applied it I sat for about ten minutes waiting for to set, because since it was glossy I didn't feel like I could smear it! But then I did the tissue test and it passed, there was not a bit of lipstick on the tissue and my lips still had the bold, glossy finish. That night I went out without the lipstick in my bag- not completely on purpose but I figured it would be a good test if I couldn't top it up at all. So after plenty of eating and talking that night I arrived home with my lipstick still intact! I didn't have any problems removing it either which was something I was worried about as I had work the next day and didn't fancy rocking the same lipstick from the night before!

The shade "Playing With Fire" is very like Nars Cruella- another firm favourite of mine- so if you are looking for a dupe of the shade Cruella I'd say give this a go! It is a very deep burgandy red, perfect for the party season! I love wearing this with a very minimal eye look, maybe some winged liner and Nars Doucear on my cheeks. When I wear a statement shade like this I don't want anything else to take away from it so I focus all attention on my lips. I would definitely recommend you check out the Provocolips range if you haven't already! There is not a massive shade range and I'm hoping they bring out more shades but if you are looking for something for the Christmas nights out go for "Playing With Fire"

Have you tried any of the Rimmel Provocolips? What shades would you recommend? What is your go-to lip product for the festive season?


  1. I picked up one of these too! I can't wait to try it out! I am excited for it being super long lasting.. great review! x

  2. What an amazing shade! Sounds absolutely brilliant from what you've described, I might need to pick one up :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  3. This looks like such a gorgeous shade! There's a few colours of these that I'd like to try, I might pick them up :) x

  4. What a lovely shade for Winter, I'm yet to try these but when I do, this shade is definitely on my list!

    alice xo | beautybyalicee