Friday, 14 February 2014

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

Hello Lovelies!

I have recently taken the plunge and dipped a toe into the BB/CC Cream arena with the new Bourjois CC Cream. I have always been a little bit apprehensive of these sorts of make up bases, for the same reason I am with tinted moisturizers - I always fear of the orange face since there is usually a lacking in the shade range. But in saying that I have always been a massive fan of Bourjois, I would buy almost anything they sell so when I spotted this new CC Cream I decided to give it a go.

I picked mine up in the shade 31 Ivory. I don't personally think the shade range is excellent, if you are extremely fair you may be stuck because the lightest shade which is the one I have is still a little two dark for me. If I have a layer of tan on it's the perfect match. It does oxidize slightly so just be aware of that too! I have used both my buffing brush and my fingers to apply this CC cream and I find that I prefer the finish when I use my fingers. I can work it into the skin quite easily and make sure it's all blended nicely. My skin hasn't been on its best behavior lately and even though I want to hide all the nasties I do want to try and cut back on all the heavy duty foundations and give my skin a bit of a break. Saying that I was pleasantly surprised with the coverage it gave. Now it's definitely no-where near my Revlon Colour Stay but it covers all redness and scars from any blemishes. It's just the right amount of coverage to cover redness but still looks really natural and lets your skin shine through! You can also quite easily build up to a medium coverage without it feeling too heavy!

As for the longevity, I wouldn't get through the whole day without touching up but that's to be expected with such a light base. I just carry a concealer with me for top-ups throughout the day if needed. I really do love this CC Cream and it has definitely changed my mind about the whole CC/BB fad! This has become a firm staple in my makeup bag lately and don't be surprised if it makes an appearance in this months beauty favourites post! 

Have you tried the new CC cream offering from Bourjois? Are there any other CC creams you would recommend? 


  1. Sounds lovely! I wish I could get it in the states, I'm always all about a new drugstore BB cream!

  2. I was weighing this up recently, but I'm with you on the orange thing. I have a L'Oreal Paris BB cream and it goes on nice but it's SO orange after 10 minutes or so.


  3. The whole idea makes me nervous due to having lots of hyperpigmentation on my face but this one seems lovely :) might need to give it a try!
    Alana x

  4. I want to try a BB or CC cream for something more lightweight than foundation for the Summer, but fear it won't have the same coverage as foundation, that's my main worry. But I trust Bourjois, so I might give it a go. :)