Monday, 4 November 2013

No7 Overnight Radiance Boost

 Hello lovelies!

Today I wanted to share something with you that I have been using for a few months now and have become utterly addicted to. For ages I have been covetting after the much hyped Alpha H liquid gold. But the price was always a major factor holding me back because if my skin took a disliking to it, it would be a bit of a waste of money. So I was on the hunt for a cheaper dupe, and so my research lead me to the No.7 Overnight Radiance Boost.

Under half the price of the Alpha H liquid gold sounded good to me so I picked it up. My skin tends to look a bit dull so I wanted this to pump the radiance back into my skin and help me look healthier and brighter! It does such an amazing job at plumping up my skin and making it feel moisturised and looking so much nicer! I can't quite put my finger on it but my skin always looks so much better after I use this! 

I usually apply it instead of my moisturizer once or twice a week and when I wake up the next morning my skin looks so much fresher. It is a chemical exfoliater so it basically gets rid of any dead skin cells. I much prefer this kind of exfoliation compared to a manual exfoliator because I find that can be a bit too harsh on my skin. 

I could completely recommend you give this a go if you are thinking of investing in the Alpha H Liquid Gold. It works really well and it is definitely a firm favorite in my skin care routine, especially throughout the colder months!


  1. I find that sometimes, an expensive price tag is just down to the brand name. I've wanted the Clinique Dramatically Different lotion for ages, but at €49, I really can't afford to get it so I got a Simple moisturiser, so hopefully that does the job! :) I really liked this post, this stuff looks really good :)

  2. really liked this post! been looking for a new nighttime moisturizer for a while, my skin goes so dull in winter, may have to pick this up! xx

  3. I was thinking about whether it was worth it or not and you just convinced me! xxx

  4. Aw woah! This looks like such an amazing product. How much is it selling for? I haven't really tried any No7 products if I am honest.
    Becka x