Monday, 4 February 2013

Tan Organics Review

Hello Lovelies!

Why is it Monday already? Sadface!! As you all know I have a bit of a problem with tan. If you read about my "Tan Ban" you'll know I didn't last all that well, so when the lovely ladies at Tan Organics offered to send me their tan I jumped at the chance.Tan Organics wasn't a brand I was overly familiar with before I discovered them on Twitter, so I was really interested in trying out their products! 

Now the first thing I noticed about their tan is that it smelled amazingly well! It smells gorgeous and fruity, which is probably from the fact that it is all natural ingredients in it, which is also brilliant for people with sensitive skin! 

I applied this on a Friday night to allow it to develop overnight, they say to let it develop for 6hrs in total so I just let it do its work overnight! It sank into my skin really well so there was no dodgy orange pyjamas or sheets the next morning! (mum was delighted!) I also thought it felt really moisturising on the skin compared to my beloved St Moriz which dries my skin out like nothing else!I sprayed it directly on to my skin and then rubbed it in with my mitt, because since it is such a liquid consistency I found when I sprayed it onto the mitt the majority of it soaked into the mitt. 

The tan lasted 4-5 days on me and it faded lovely, none of that horrible flakey look!

Overall I absolutely love this tan and I will 100% be repurchasing once I run out! Avaliable online here with free Irish delivery! Whoop! 

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before, but I'll definitely be looking in to them more! I love a nice tan x