Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ooooh pretty pretty!

Hi Everyone! 

So after much inner debate I finally decided to go for it...I purchased my first ever NARS product! 
I was trying to decide between getting "Orgasm" blush or an eye-shadow duo..

and after much deliberation I wound up getting.....

....this! eeeep!

Its called "Isolde" and I decided to go for this because I wear a browny smoky eye practically every day and I felt I would defiantly get my moneys worth from it!

They are the most gorgeous eye-shadows I have ever owned, they blend like a dream and the colours are highly pigmented and oh so wearable!

I am absolutely in love with this duo and NARS definatly lives up to all the hype!

Available online here or from a NARS counter.


  1. I only recently bought Nars Orgasm, and I've been in love with Nars ever since. I always loiter around their beauty counters, swatching and mooning over the beautiful colours. Sadly, I can never justify how expensive their products are >.< Really like your blog by the way, just followed you!

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    1. I think their products are defiantly splurge items! hehe!
      thank you sooo much for following! :D xx