Tuesday, 20 March 2012

21st Fun

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I've been absent for the past while..It was actually my 21st birthday last week the 13th which is no excuse but I'm going to use it as one.!

I just thought I'd do a post on my birthday madness :) (This is a picture heavy post BTW!)

My best friend came to visit for my birthday and her and one of my other friends made me an AMAZING photo album/scrap book filled with all sorts of pics...a sort of "This is your life" thing!
We went shopping & I got my hair done on the Saturday and then we went out that night to an opening of a new club in my local town.

Then on my actual birthday which was Tuesday me, my family and my boyfriend went out for a gorgeous meal...

And CAKE! 

All in all I had a brilliant time! :)