Sunday, 9 July 2017

Current Beauty Favourites and a Catch-Up!

It has been awhile since I have had the motivation to sit down and write a blog post. Over the past couple of months I have lost all inspiration to blog, and felt like it was a little pointless for me to blog when there are so many people that do it so much better. But since I have stopped blogging, I really have missed it. Even though it was always quite time consuming, I loved taking the time to take pictures of different products and coming up with new ideas for blog posts. So I have decided to give the blogging another go. I might not be as consistent as I used to be years ago, but I will be blogging as and when I can. I am also considering trying "micro-blogging" which everyone seems to love lately. Make sure you follow my other social media to keep updated there!

I have changed a lot about how I do my make-up over the past couple of months too. I definitely don't wear as much in day to day life and I have found myself sticking to the same products pretty consistently over the past while too. I thought a monthly favourites might be the easiest way of easing myself back into the world of blogging since they are my favourite posts to write and read, and I want to share with you some of the items I have been reaching for the past while.

Flormar Anti-Blemish Foundation
I discovered this foundation back in April when my skin was going through a serious rough patch. I was looking for something slightly fuller coverage than the Bourjois City Radiance (which I am still obsessed with!) since I had a lot of breakouts to cover. This is so similar to the City Radiance in the way it looks once its applied, the only difference is that it has more coverage. It gives heavier coverage but the finish of a light-weight foundation if that makes sense. It covers everything you would want it too but it doesn't look or feel like you are wearing a full coverage foundation. It lasts so well though-out the day and doesn't leave me looking like you could fry eggs on my forehead at the end of the day! I really do think that this has helped clear up my skin too. I had such a bad couple of weeks with my skin really badly breaking out and I think a combination of this and going back to using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo brought me back to normal. Unfortunately this foundation is Limited Edition...I KNOW!! I am so devastated that anytime I spot a bottle in my shade I have to buy it! If you see this foundation and you have oily/blemish prone skin, pick it up and thank me later!

L'oreal Roller Doll Mascara
Everyone has been raving about this mascara since it launched, and of course being a sucker for a new mascara- I bought it. The packaging and the name of this is a little strange, I've seen where people have confused it for being a pastel green mascara because of the lid and the name reminds me of the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. The brush however is completely different to anything I have seen before. It is almost like someone got a regular mascara wand and twisted it. The bristles really grab on to your lashes and I find it really easy to lift and hold a curl with it. It is definitely more volumising than anything which I prefer. It is a really black formula and lasts really well on the lashes too. I have had this on in the lashing rain and it has managed to stay put.  It is a really good mascara for applying to the bottom lashes too, it separates and coats them nicely without making them look like spiders legs! Definitely one to check out if you haven't already!

Sephora "So Shy" Blush
This was such a random love. Mum brought me this back from Sephora in Rome. It would never have been a shade that I would have picked out for myself, but it has been in my make-up bag permanently since. It is a mix of coral and pink shades that really brightens up the skin. I have worn this with so many different eye and lip combinations and it has worked with them all. It is a sheer blush that is quite easily built up so you can use it in a number of different ways. It has no glitter or sheen in it which is a must for my blushes. I always go for mattes and add the shine where/if I want it with highlighter!

Zara Body Mist
I randomly picked this up basically because it was beside the till when I was paying one day and I have become completely obsessed since. I have actually lost count of how many back-ups I have bought of this, because I am so afraid that it will just disappear from Zara and I need to have this in my life at all times. This is everything I want in a scent, even though it doesn't say it on the bottle- the scent reminds me of vanilla. It is sweet, musky and light. I just wish the scent lasted a little longer. Even though it is a pretty big bottle, I do find myself spraying a little bit every time I spot the bottle in my handbag or wherever I have one, so it doesn't take long to go through a bottle!

Penney's "Nude" Lip Pencil
Everyone went mad for this shade back when it first came out in shops. Lately I have found myself reaching for it constantly. It is a matte pencil in a nude-pink shade. It literally goes with every make-up look that I have been wearing over the past couple of months. It is such a handy product to keep in your handbag because it is so easy and fuss free to apply and you don't have to worry that it won't suit the look you are wearing. I have been pairing it with a No.7 Lip Crayon if I want a bit more of a gloss, as that is a similar shade but just adds that bit of shine. This pencil is so ridiculously cheap at €2.50 that I think that everyone should pick it up if you spot it in Penneys! You really can't go wrong! 

Revlon One Treatment
This has been a firm favourite of mine for years now, but I recently picked up a new bottle and the obsession has started again. It used to be really hard to get your hands on, but places like Cloud10Beauty and some pharmacies have started to stock it. I actually got this bottle in TK Maxx randomly enough! This is a miracle product. It does so much from heat protection, adding shine and detangling to name a few!  This has really helped improve the state of my hair, it has gotten a little weaker since going blonde but I found that this really has helped. It also smells gorgeous which is always a plus! 

If you have any posts that you would like to see, or if you have any products you would like me to review- please let me know in the comments. Be sure to follow my other social media accounts for my attempt at "micro-blogging" too!

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